Atuh Beach is one of the wondrous beaches in the Nusa Penida. The charm is indeed able to attract the local or foreign tourists. No wonder this place is always crowded, both during the holiday season and on normal days.

This white sandy beach has a beautiful landscape. Even its beauty is often compared with Raja Ampat in Papua because it also has stunning views of the coral islands. No wonder if people call Pantai Atuh as Raja Ampat of Nusa Penida.

On the white sand, you can relax while sunbathing or playing sand. The water is also very clear so that when it is receding, the beauty of the underwater biota looks very charming. While enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also take a selfie on this beautiful beach.

The Coral Islands in Atuh Beach

Here you will see four large coral islands, namely Batu Melawang or Pepadasan Island, Batu Paon Island, Batu Abah Island, and Jineng Hill Island. These coral islands are the main attraction of Atuh Beach.
The most interesting thing there is Batu Melawang Island. This island is the largest coral island in Atuh Beach. The unique thing of this coral island, there is a giant hole or a kind of coral tunnel. Therefore, local people often call its "Batu Bolong" that means Hollow Stone.

Local people believe that every fishing boat that will sail to the ocean off must pass a hole in Batu Melawang Island first. Even today no one dares to break the myth because it has its own magical value.

The Location of Atuh Beach

The beach is located in Pejukutan Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali.